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Learn IQ in a classroom environment, on a webinar, or self-paced eLearning.

Message Management 
Legislative Assistants, Staff Assistants, Legislative Correspondents

Constituent Services Representatives


Flag and Tour Requests 
Staff Assistants, Interns

Press Releases and eNewsletters 
Communications Directors

499s and Outreach 
Legislative Staff


System Administration 
System Administrators



 Course Content

Message Management

Recommended for legislative staff.  Learn how to handle incoming messages to your office via email, printed correspondence, email campaigns, Twitter, Facebook, or a record of a telephone conversation or notes from an in-office meeting. 


Introduction to assisting constituents with casework.  IQ Services allows you to manage casework, provides the option to create new services, attach or locate Agency Contacts, send correspondence, and pass the Service along to other IQ groups or users for further processing. 

Constituent Mapping with L2

Offices that have purchased the L2 one-or two-year subscription service receive guidance to find demographic groups from L2 data and import those “universes” into IQ for analysis and Outreach messaging.


This course provides instruction in managing web content such as articles, blogs and slide shows as well as managing the Drupal account.


Track meetings, functions, and other appointments in IQ.  IQ uses an Exchange Web Service to synchronize Events with your Outlook calendar.  This course reviews reporting options to analyze current and/or past events.   


Eventbrite integration in IQ allows you to import Eventbrite Event information as an IQ Event, and track registration and attendance in IQ.  You can also use the power of IQ’s eNewsletter wizard to communicate with registrants before and after the event.  This course is intended to be used immediately following an Events course, or for IQ users already familiar with the Events module.

Flag and Tour Requests

Manage Flag and Tour requests from web forms and other sources in IQ.  This course covers how to easily track and manage all flag and tour requests as well as any related correspondence.

Form Letters This course is offered one-on-one or for a small group with a focus on using advanced Form Letter features such as mail merge, references, fill-ins and auto letter.  It is specifically useful for those working with Services to bring data from Service records into correspondence.
Interns Introduction for Intern staff.  Interns typically log in phone calls, create and update Contact records, create and batch mail, handle Flag and Tour requests, and log Issues.

Explore the LegiStats module to track Legislative Actions important to your office.  You can assign a staff member to follow up on an action, attach files, add notes, or create a Service process to track complex processes.  You can also view and export demographic information for your State, County or District, compare Member votes, and import Member information.

Messages Analytics and Reporting

A brief look into analytics.  Following the course, students will be able to locate and use Dashboards for data analysis, as well as create simple database queries, and build audiences for Outreach messaging.

Outreach Mail and 499s

Create printed or electronic targeted outreach mailings to reach specific groups of constituents.  Leverage IQ to select a specified number of contacts for a mailing.  Use the Outreach module for issue-related mailings, event invitations or thank you notes, constituent outreach for civic and business purposes, and more.

Press Releases and eNewsletters

Recommended for Communications Directors.  Learn how to prepare and distribute press releases and eNewsletters to appropriate audiences.  Organize press contacts with affiliation codes allowing for timely, targeted press releases.  Build high-interest, content-rich newsletters within IQ for general audiences or targeted lists.

Services Analytics and Reporting

Suggested for staff responsible for casework management.    This training reviews how to manage caseworker productivity.  Review dashboards, IQ data analytics, export data printing, and explore reporting options.

System Administration

Advanced course for those responsible for maintaining codes, preferences and new users.  This course is targeted for IQ System Administrators.  It is recommended that System Administrators participate in all of the relevant training courses for IQ.


Additional Training Options

The following classes are offered by request:

  • Advanced Form Letters
  • LegiStats
  • EventBrite Integration
  • Constituent Mapping
  • Drupal Website Maintenance
  • Custom Training for your office process

To schedule additional training options, please fill out the following form: